Kinnondale the epicentre of “massive meteor strike”?

Kinnondale isn’t the end of the world, but you can see what it might look like from there. A media release from the University of Alberta has reported the discovery of “an ancient ring-like structure in southern Alberta”. Situated “near the southern Alberta hamlet of Bow City“, it is speculated the impact site was struck by a […]

Top Instagram shots from 2013 – #7

7. Scenes from Kinnondale, Alberta Six on the list features two older photos taken in the former Kinnondale district of northeast Vulcan County. The first is entitled “Along the road to Amethyst (2010)”  a reference to a former school district and post office once located north of Hwy. 539. The photo below, “The Lunt Place (2007)”, is the […]

Who are the forgotten dead of Vulcan County?

During the decade after 1916, settlers fled the drought-ridden plains of southeastern Alberta en masse. As David C. Jones outlines in his book, We’ll all be buried down here- The Prairie Drybelt Disaster of 1917-1926, homesteaders often alighted with few possessions, many carrying only “the shirts on their backs”. In some instances settlers were forced […]