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Volume 1: War Stories

As author, Jonathan Koch explores in Forgotten Alberta: War Stories, the First and Second World Wars created casualties on the homefront as well. In nascent farming communities across the south, wars a world away inflamed ethnic tensions, turned neighbour against neighbour, and left economic and social scars that forever altered the landscape of Forgotten Alberta

The impact of global conflict on the people of southeastern Alberta extended far beyond the battlefield.

Volume 2: A Land Redeemed

Over the course of a century, the grasslands west of the Bow River, located along the western fringe of Alberta’s dry belt country, have been promoted as a promised land, written off almost entirely, and redeemed, eventually, much to the relief of those who wondered what to do with it all.

In Forgotten Alberta: A Land Redeemed, author, Jonathan Koch digs into the stories of the settlers, speculators, and community builders who attempted to transform this unforgiving corner of Alberta.

Volume 3: Coming for Christmas 2021!

Chronicling the pioneer-era people and places of the southern Alberta drybelt since 2009. Alberta Heritage Resources Foundation Heritage Awareness Award recipient.