Countless hours of research have gone into the compilation of information on this site. As I move forward, I will compile lists of those resources I have used to gather information below:

Alberta Local History Books Online

Our Roots and Local and Alberta Histories: Available here!

Suggested titles (No links):

Vulcan County

  • Settlers along the bow : a history of Rainier, Bow City
  • History of Lomond and district
  • Snake Valley : a history of Lake McGregor and area

M.D. of Taber

  • Drybelt Pioneers of Sundial, Enchant, Retlaw
  • Golden jubilee : commemorating fifty years of picture history of Taber, Alberta, 1905-1955.
  • (Hays) From Sod to Silver

Special Areas  & Starland County

  • (Bindloss) Golden memoirs, 1912-1963
  • (Cessford) This is Our Land: A Centennial History
  • Roads to Rose Lynn
  • Golden jubilee : Empress, 1914-1964
  • History of Cravath Corners, 1910-1926
  • Hanna North
  • Down Cereal’s memory trails, 1910-1967
  • A centennial project by Naco F.W.U.A
  • (Naco) Wind, willows, and prairie wool, 1867-1967. A centennial progect [sic]
  • Esther Community History
  • Down Cereal’s memory trails, 1910-1967
  • Hand Hills heritage.
  • A history of the People of Michichi

County of Newell

  • Duchess and district memories
  • Brooks : between the Red Deer and the Bow Plains,
  • Scandia Since Seventeen

Cypress County

  • (Dunmore South) Trains and Wagon Wheels
  • Social Plains School District : golden jubilee booklet, 1913-1963
  • Cypress Hills country
  • The golden years of Redcliff
  • Early history of the Medicine Hat country

County of Forty Mile

  • Shortgrass country : a history of Foremost and Nemiskam
  • Conquerville : a growing community
  • Bow Island, 1912-1962, 50th Anniversary: The Story of the Beginning
  • (Bow Island area) Long shadows : a history of shortgrass country
  • Winnifred : our trails, trials and memories
  • Etzikom, 1915-1975
  • (Maleb) The Piegan country

County of Warner

  • (Milk River) Under Eight Flags: Vol. 1
  • (Milk River) Under Eight Flags: Vol. 2

Southeastern Alberta region

  • We’ll all be buried down here : the Prairie Dryland Disaster, 1917-1926 – By David C. Jones
  • Next-year country : a study of rural social organization in Alberta – By Jean R. Burnet

Homestead Resources

Important Works


One Room Schools


Online Census

Online newspapers (Free)


Rural Post Offices

Other Important Resources

Friends of Forgotten Alberta

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14 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. I have desperately trying to find when my Dad purchased his land in Balzac, all I have been able to find are caveats with his name in 1927.
    The legal of his land was NW 1/4 of 25 of 25 of 1 W5.
    What is confusing to me is that he received a letter in 1946 from Imperial Oil stating he held the mineral rights. But I cannot find proof of ownership.
    Can someone guide me to how of find this information. I have been to land titles & there is nothing there!

  2. Does anyone have information related to L J RANCH, Bow Island.
    I have an old Winchester rifle with that carved on the stock.
    Very interesting…the rifle was manufactured in 1912, the founding date of Bow Island !

  3. How do I obtain a copy of Wind, Willows and Prairie Wool, 1867-1967 A centennial project by the Farm Women’s Union of Alberta Naco local

  4. Since the Spring I have been looking to find early Alberta newspapers back on-line but the message is always that its “coming soon.” Do you have a better time-line for this?

  5. Hello,

    I too am looking for Wind, Willows and Prairie Wool as my family is talked about in the book. I clicked the link but it’s no longer valid. Could you help me please?

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