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Forgotten Alberta Revisited: The C.P.R’s Suffield Subdivision

I was honoured this past year to be asked to submit several pieces to the recently-released Lomond and District history book. I have written several articles about this are since starting the Forgotten Alberta project, many of which are based on previous compositions and columns now buried within the deepest, darkest recesses of this blog. One such article was the following history of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Suffield Subdivision. Originally a two-parter, I have combined both articles into a single essay, which hopefully is an improvement.

I am also grateful to Jason Paul Sailer, Alberta heritage hero, founder of the Ogilvie Wooden Grain Elevator Society, and editor of the Galt Railway Museum blog,  for his assistance editing this article, and for adding the recent history of the both Suffield / Lomond and Kipp /Turin CPR Subdivisions. Read on, and let me know what you think!

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Forgotten Alberta Road trip 2010

"To see what we could see."
After a two year hiatus, our fourth Forgotten Alberta road trip was underway. Following an evening of revelry with hosts Mike & Karin (and cousin Steve), myself and my wheel-man Greg headed out from Brooks on the morning of August 17th to see what we could see. Running from Alderson to Armada in one day, I proceeded to fall in every badger hole in Alderson and marveled at the “Pleasantville on the Prairie” at Ralston. Along the way we saw the birds and antelope play, wandered aimlessly through the Hays Maze, and got our bells rung at Retlaw (United Church). By the time we hit Armada I ran out of steam, just in time for the smoke to roll in.
While I’d love to tell you about it, 23 pictures are roughly the equivalent of a thousand words. Take a look.