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#FABTrip15: The sun sets on Day One

As the darkness slowly crept in from the west, Greg and I continued trucking eastward towards Hanna, our final destination on day one. By this time the weather had turned cool, and clouds begin congealing over Delia, providing a spectacular sunset for weary travellers navigating fair weather roads. Hanna greeted us with (an) unfinished business, hearty helpings of pub fare, and a midnight downpour to wash it all down.
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#FABTrip15: “Starland, starbright” or “Moon’s over Michichi”

We took a wrong turn at Michichi #Alberta #Canada #FABTrip15 @gregfarries

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As the sun lilted lazily towards the horizon, we made our way north from the Drumheller Valley towards a small community called Michichi. With the little hand pointing to seven, we continued easterly towards the Hand Hills, and the spectacular sunset to come. Continue reading #FABTrip15: “Starland, starbright” or “Moon’s over Michichi”