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Mike Drew, Hemaruka, and A mention in passing

My friend and colleague, Lorena Franchuk, alerted me to the fact that the legendary Calgary Sun photographer and columnist, Mike Drew, was on CBC Radio earlier today.

While I don’t know him personally, Mike was a great inspiration to me in the early days of this project. I was pleased to hear he and I are clearly cut from the same cloth, as he adheres to the same philoshphy on the Rockies as myself: you’ve seen one mountain, you’ve seen them all.

Be sure to listen in here:


The interview was also notable for the surprising amount of time taken discussing the desert outpost of Hemaruka.

Located roughly about half-way between Veteran and Youngstown on SH 884, this almost forgotten prairie burg is notable for its name, which is derived from a rather prolific railroad official named Warren:

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#FABTrip15: A date with Helen, Mary, Ruth and Kate

From Spondin we continued eastward, skirting the fringe of the desert on our way to a date with Helen, Mary, Ruth and Kate – Hemaruka for short. Although possessing few amenities, this outpost on the plains was well-maintained, the hall was in good shape, and home improvements were underway on at least one residence. Judging by the lack of derelict structures, and proliferation of plaques within, Hemaruka appears to be a community that is determined not to disappear.  Next stop (s): Little Gem and Naco. Continue reading #FABTrip15: A date with Helen, Mary, Ruth and Kate