#FABTrip21: Settler’s stumble kickstarted the founding of Monitor

Monitor started its life as a settlement on the land of Mr. C.W. Beesley. According to “A treasure of memories”, a handful of enterprising settlers had exercised “squatters rights” on Mr. Beesley’s land, founding a community known as “Empress”. A tenacious threesome opened a grocery store, butcher shop, and real estate agency on Beesley’s quarter […]

#FABTrip21: Byemoor for less

The goal of #FABTrip21 is to take you, the viewer, on a virtual tour of southern Alberta’s out-of-the-way places and spaces, which we do for less, saving you time and money as you follow along with your personal device (that was a bit of a stretch for a pun, I know). We kicked off a […]

#FABTRIP21: Hilda and Schuler

Earlier in the summer I took a quick trip with the family to see some sites of interest in Happyland, the friendliest little M.D. in Saskatchewan. Along the way we passed through the extremely photogenic corner of the dry belt that is home to Hilda and Schuler. Schuler is still very much alive and kicking, […]