Welcoming Jason Sailer to the FAB Team

I’m excited to announce that Jason Sailer has joined the Forgotten Alberta gang as a guest contributor!

Possessing deep roots in the rural south, and much love for Alberta’s heritage, Jason is a great addition to the Forgotten Alberta  (FAB) team .

His love of Alberta history is home grown. Raised on a family farm on the northern slopes of the Cypress Hills, Jason possesses a lifelong appreciation for the history and the struggles of the pioneers, many of who were his own relatives, and their quest to settle on the raw prairie at the turn of the century.

Today, Jason lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with his wife and daughter, where he is employed as a senior architectural technologist, a job he enjoys immensely. A bona-fide heritage hero, Jason walks the talk when it comes to historical preservation. He co-owns a historic grain elevator in Wrentham, and volunteers each year at the Galt Railway Museum in nearby Stirling. In fact, we visited Jason on a  previous Forgotten Alberta Road Trip back in 2016, and put together a video profiling his heritage efforts (see below).

A self-taught photographer, some of Jason’s favorite subjects are prairie landscapes, grain elevators, architecture, abandoned farmsteads, and rusty trucks. Working with the landowner and doing research on the places he visits enables him to tell a thorough and interesting story – one people look for when seeing his photographs. The story behind the subject is often sought out, and is one of the reasons that drives Jason to go above and beyond in recording these fleeting moments in time.The abandoned farmsteads and rusting machinery he photographs stand as testament to the hard work and determination of previous generations.

More of Jason’s work can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Jason Sailer to the FAB Team”

  1. Much appreciated Jonathan, and I look forward to contributing to the Forgotten Alberta website. Thank you!

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