Can you imagine a small-town doctor with an airplane, visiting patients all around southern Alberta 100 years ago?

For almost 40 years, Bassano’s Dr. Alexander Gladstone Scott worked around the clock, tending to the well-being of the surrounding frontier communities. With patients spread across many miles, he took to the roads, and then to the skies, going “Above and Beyond” to care for prairie people in the days before public health care.

In a video produced by Jonathan F. Koch and the Forgotten Alberta Project, with the cooperation of Bassano Medical Clinic, the Town of Bassano, and the Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP), we celebrate the living legacy of Dr. A.G. Scott: An innovator, pioneer, and prairie trailblazer.

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For more information on the amazing Dr. Scott check out the following:


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  1. Dr. Alexander Scott provided medical services to our family in Bassano prior to and up to early WWII. The big event was the birth my brother, Doug. Other events were a minor operation for me and airplane rides for my father. One day I particularly remember is Dr. Scott treating another boy and me to bottles of Canada Dry in Fats Lunch. I finished grade 1 in Bassano and moved on for grade 2 in Medicine Hat. Years later I saw Dr. Scott’s airplane on display at the Calgary Stampede.

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