As any blogger can attest, when you publish content online, you’re never sure where it will end up. Earlier this year, I was pleased to discover several short videos from 2012 (!) that had apparently been inspired by articles published on this site, and on

Several of these videos, produced by students at the Alberta College of Art & Design, were interpretations of an article I penned in 2011: “Who are the forgotten dead of Vulcan County?”

Who are the forgotten dead of Vulcan County?

I contacted Marion Garden, the Director of Marketing & Communications at ACAD to learn more, and she was kind enough to furnish me with some information about the videos. Ms. Garden forwarded a quick explanation from Kurtis Lesick, Assistant Professor, Media Arts , who was behind the project. He offered the following explanation for the videos:

“This was actually part of a collaboration with Vulcan County. I was working with them on their community digital strategy. One of the things we set up for them was a blog called “” which was a repository of stories and community histories about Vulcan. I then had students working with the stories to re-imagine their presentation online through documentary and avant garde video approaches. It looks like the site wasn’t maintained by the community, which is too bad as it was a neat resource.”

It does appear the Vulcan County history site is no longer active. However, much of the content I published on that site is still alive here, and some of it, like the “forgotten dead”, have been reinterpreted below in ways I never could have imagined.

Incidentally, the cemetery in question has since been consecrated, and with funding from Vulcan County and the Government of Alberta, a plinth was erected in remembrance of the forgotten dead.

Taylor Cemetery: “Consecrated, set apart, and dedicated forever.”

By the way, if anyone has any information on identity of those buried at Taylor Cemetery in Vulcan County,  please feel free to drop me a line.

Check out the videos below:




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