#FABTrip16: Day one closes at Comrey

A dreary day one of #FABTrip16 came to a close at Comrey, a hop-skip from the Milk River and Montana’s Sweet Grass Hills.  After wandering the lonely backroads of this now-desolate pioneer-era community, we would retire at the Southern Ranchmen’s Inn in Manyberries, where we would savour a hearty steak, and all of the Tour of Duty TV series we could stomach.

5 thoughts on “#FABTrip16: Day one closes at Comrey”

  1. A Swedish family lived in that house on the hill, crazy to think a family was raised in a two-room house (that looks like a school). The house on the corner, a Norwegian bachelor lived in it from 1910 to 1947.

    Stopped out there last week Thursday to reflect.

  2. Hi Jason – that Swedish family was my grandma, her sisters and her parents homestead. My great grandpa was John Olson. I last visited there the end of June, 2016. Three rather large rattlesnakes kept my brother and me from entering the old house.

  3. Hi Tim – thanks for stopping by, and for sharing a piece of your family story. Feel free to share more if you like! In the meantime, I’ll pass your info along to Jason.

  4. Very cool Tim! Jonathan mentioned your comment to me. I remember reading about John Olson in the Comrey history book. When we visited, there was no snakes! I did look inside the house from the outside and did take photos. If you want a copy or to talk more, you can at avro_arrow206@hotmail.com Thanks

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