Further east along the abandoned Hemaruka-Loverna line is the hamlet of Sedalia. Clearly a community with sticking power, Sedalia boasts an active post office /convenience store, and Co-op store (although both were closed when we arrived); as well as a hall, a church, and a handful of residents. Next stop: New Brigden.



4 Replies to “#FABTrip15: We stop at Sedalia”

  1. We were able to stop in the Sedalia COOP two weekends back – was such a time warp! Very neat to see it in use and to be fully stocked with goods! Quite impressive for a small town!

  2. We went to the Sedalia store with the challenge of finding two items that we were sure would not be on the shelf. We chose a milk shake maker and a GPS. He had both! It is a great place to visit and stock up.

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