Greg and I continued east towards Little Gem, now a sprawling farmstead along the abandoned grade of the C.N.R. line. The place lived up to its name, with the small park and plaque at Little Gem being an unexpected green oasis amidst the vast expanse of windswept prairie.

The next stop was a study in contrast. Were it not for the cairn erected alongside the highway, Naco townsite would have been virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding grassland. Closer inspection revealed the flotsam of this former community strewn throughout the shortgrass, which also concealed the hornets’ nest I inadvertently knelt down upon, prompting my hasty retreat from the scene. After pausing at the rest stop across across the road, which  yielded even more wasp nests, and a collage of explicit pornography, we continued ever eastward towards less-creepy Sedalia.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Naco townsite #Alberta #Canada #abandoned #history #FABTrip15 @gregfarries

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