#FABTrip15: “Hanna to Scapa” or “Going with the Flow”

Rust in the wind. Near Hanna #Alberta #Canada #history #abandoned #truck #FABTrip15 @gregfarries

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Leaving Hanna, Greg and I traveled north towards Scapa,  tracing the route of the now-abandoned Hanna-Warden C.N.R. line. We paused at Dowling Lake to reflect, checked out Alberta’s newest (closed) provincial park, and looked for traces of the nearby Dowling townsite . Continuing northward, our arrival at Scapa was heralded with enthusiasm by several curious  canines. We went with the flow, withstanding waves of ankle-biters and leg-mounters, all for a closer look into the crumbling heart of a once prosperous pioneer community.

Time to reflect. Dowling Lake #Alberta #Canada #mybadlands #FABTrip15 @gregfarries A photo posted by Jonathan Koch (@forgotten_alberta) on


8 thoughts on “#FABTrip15: “Hanna to Scapa” or “Going with the Flow””

  1. Interesting post on Scapa. I’ll have to check out the Special Areas myself next time I’m in the province visiting relatives. I hope you will get to have a look at Spondin, Garden Plain and other locations along they former CN rail line that once ran from Scapa eastwards to Hemaruka, Naco, Esther and points east since this is one “boxcar branch line” I have a fascination for.

  2. Hi there. I was out in Scapa in June. Only one residents remains. Schools gone but the hall still remains and the old general store. Also ball dimonds and the old swings from the school.

  3. Hi there! My parents bought the store and are living there. We have homesteading plans in the works. Reading about it’s history has been fun. Thanks for the post! I am sad about the school too! Would have loved to snoop around.

  4. Hi Samantha – thanks for stopping by! Your plans sound exciting. I am more than slightly envious! Are your parents operating a store in Scapa? I’ll have to take trip through that way post-quarantine. Stay safe!

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