We took a wrong turn at Michichi #Alberta #Canada #FABTrip15 @gregfarries

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As the sun lilted lazily towards the horizon, we made our way north from the Drumheller Valley towards a small community called Michichi. With the little hand pointing to seven, we continued easterly towards the Hand Hills, and the spectacular sunset to come.

The Wilsons. A spectacular homestead along Hwy. 849 near Drumheller #Alberta #Canada #FABTrip15 @gregfarries A photo posted by Jonathan Koch (@forgotten_alberta) on

Hard times. Todd’s Hardware and (former) Michichi Post Office #abandoned #Alberta #Canada #history #FABTrip15 @gregfarries

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2 Replies to “#FABTrip15: “Starland, starbright” or “Moon’s over Michichi””

  1. Michichi: a Cree word for… “The Hand or Little Hand”

    A long timer ago I came across a newspaper article about the history or the legend of the Hand Hills. I thought I cut it out and kept it but sadly I have never been able to locate it again.

    What I can remember it was a tail of a of a First Nations lad, born with a deformed hand. Now if the name is Cree it may be that he was born to that Nation. The location of the Hand Hills, in Blackfoot territory should make the story Siksika.
    In any case the boy grew into a man of some reputation in spite of his handicap. These Hand hills were his favorite hunting grounds and supposedly the place of his final rest.

    The sad part is, I can find no other reference than my memory to this story. If any body else has heard of it or can attest to it in some way, I would be happy to know I didn’t dream the whole thing while parked at the side of the road in…the Hand Hills…

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