After leaving Milo, Greg and I ventured north towards Queenstown, a former shipping point along the C.P.R.’s abandoned Lomond Subdivision. Already two hours behind schedule, we made a bee-line for the Drumheller valley, pausing at a small community graveyard along the way.

Always look on the bright side of life. Ouelletteville #Alberta #Canada #abandoned #FABTrip15 @gregfarries A photo posted by Jonathan Koch (@forgotten_alberta) on

Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm. Ouelletteville #Cemetery #Alberta #Canada #FABTrip15 @gregfarries A photo posted by Jonathan Koch (@forgotten_alberta) on

Remains unknown. Ouelletteville #Cemetery #Alberta #Canada #FABTrip15 @gregfarries

A photo posted by Jonathan Koch (@forgotten_alberta) on


Ed. note – “Ouelletteville” has no “Q” in it. We apologize for the error.

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  1. Very interesting history of this part of “Forgotten Aberta” as im from this area.thank you. This area in the past has been called Windy Ridge,Pleasant View,Granlea and 99.. St.Anthony Church is on 2-9-9-4,11 1/2 mi.South of Whitla North of Etzikom Just this last year i returned the original St.Anthony Chruch Bell to this community,mounted on a cairn made of local fieldstone.This was done”giving back”at no cost to the community. I have great grand parents buryied in this cementary were the cairn is located Of interest this cementary is one of the few that has a baby section for burials.My grampa Anton Schlachter got to name the church as he rasied the most cash to build the church 1912.This is recorded in the archives in Bismark N.D. usa You may contact me anytime ….Tony Schlachter ps I am a member of Forty Mile Grazing Co-op which at one time was part of Grand Forks Cattle Co north of the river of BowIsland A.B.

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