2015 Forgotten Alberta road trip kicked off Sat. with a visit to Majorville Medicine Wheel #FABTrip15 #mybadlands

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The August long weekend has come and gone, and with it, the 2015 Forgotten Alberta Road Trip . Following much debate over appropriate hastags, Greg Farries and I started our three-day excursion in a major way, visiting the Majorville Medicine Wheel, situated in a  remote area of Vulcan County.

Over the next three days, we would partake in a whirlwind tour of Alberta’s southeastern corner, logging around 1200 dry and dusty kilometres in an effort to see what there is to see.  

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View of the Bow River looking SE from Majorville Cairn #FABTrip15 #explorealberta #mybadlands

A photo posted by Jonathan Koch (@forgotten_alberta) on

13 Replies to “#FABTrip15: Majorville Medicine Wheel”

  1. My wife and I are interested in touring the site of the medicine wheel but we not been able to find driving directions to get there.

    My interest is to take a series of photographs.

    Can you provide with driving directions from Calgary or advise where we can find the directions.

  2. I wish Jonathan Koch would give us some directions too, I would love to take the family this summer. With COVID being outdoors and walking about is great and this amazing attraction in our backyard. This is awesome!

  3. Hi Bren! Thanks for stopping by. It is open to the public, just make sure it is dry and you have a good vehicle with 4WD before you go up there. I will connect with you offline with directions.

  4. Hi Jonathan, these are great pictures! When you have time do you mind sharing the directions with me as well? I’m a teacher and would love to layer this into our learning about Alberta. Thank you!

  5. Hi Jonathan, your blog project is awesome!! In 2019 I visited some of the places you’ve documented (Sedalia, New Brigden, Esther, Acadia Valley, Empress, Manyberries and Orion…one of my fav road trips ever). I was heading out to the Majorville area in a couple weeks. Would you be able to give me directions to the Medicine Wheel? I once tried to find it and failed. I will look into renting a 4×4 truck from somewhere in the area as don’t think my car would manage ok.

  6. Hi Rebecca, thank you for reaching out, I appreciate your kind comments. I hope the website was useful to you in your travels through the outback. I will connect with you via email re. Majorville. All for now!

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