At Alderson Cemetery, the dead of a halcyon era keep silent vigil over a community that, like themselves, passed from existence long ago.

Volunteers from the Redcliff Lions Club maintain the cemetery here, ensuring that a century after its founding, the spirit of this bygone community lives on.

A few notes on the video: The gas plant down the road was the source of (most of) the incessant ambient humming in the video. Fortunately, the drone was punctuated by occasional contributions from the local meadowlark and other feathered friends.

Most importantly, many thanks to my better half, Amanda, for tackling the voiceover; and also for selecting the poem, “But not forgotten”, by American poet, Dorothy Parker.

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  1. What a wonderful peaceful post. It reminds me of a favourite memory of our many southeastern Alberta road trips. Birdsong. Sweet, sweet birdsong. We always drove with our car windows wide open so we could hear them.

  2. I believe my grandmother may be buried in the cemetery at Alderson. Do you know who might have a list of those buried in the cemetery. My grandmother ‘s name was:
    Minnie Reichenbecker.

  3. Hi Dorothy, thanks for checking out the site! Unfortunately, I don’t have an exhaustive list of those interred at Alderson. However, the Alberta Genealogical Society compiles a cemetery database from across the province ( If you follow the link, you could inquire whether they have records on file for Alderson. There is then a cost involved to run a surname search on the database. I have accessed this database at the Provincial Archives of Alberta in Edmonton in the past. If you are interested, I would recommend contacting the Archives to see if this is still an option ( Good luck!

  4. I was reading my great great grandma’s obit an decided to Google the town close to where they homesteaded. I then found Alderson Cemetery. The first picture I see is my gg grandma’s headstone. What a awesome feeling. I enjoy doing genealogy an I have a cousin who found she was buried there. Thank-you I will now show my family members.

  5. My aunt Beatrice Larson is buried here. She was 5 years old in 1924. Also her brother, who was stillborn -Kenneth Arthur Larson. It’s a peaceful cemetery and we appreciate those who volunteer to take care of it.

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