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#FABTrip16: Heading east along the Red Coat Trail

Still afloat. The last sentinel at Skiff #Alberta #Canada #explorealberta #grainelevator #mybadlands #fabtrip16 @gregfarries

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We left the metropolis Maybutt in the midst of rush hour, and joined the lunch hour commute along the Red Coat Trail (highway 61) towards Wrentham. Upon arrival, Jason Sailer kindly treated us to a tour of the Ogilvie wooden elevator, and afterward enduring his second interview of the day, we continued eastward towards Manyberries, our final destination for day one. Along the route we stopped at familiar haunts in Skiff and Etzikom, grabbed some lunch and parted ways with Jason in Foremost, and scouted out the former siding at Pakowki, a surprisingly historical spot.

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Rabbit drives were a part of pioneer life

My second column for the Prairie Post, a modified version of a blog post from late last year, talks about when Mother Nature goes sideways, and features a pretty morbid photo from Idaho.

The past few months have been a “hare-raising” experience for the people of Canmore.

The Rocky Mountain town made worldwide headlines last November after town councillors proposed to cull approximately 2,000 feral rabbits that were roaming at-large in the community. Canmore’s loose bunnies were spared, however, after an animal rescue group stepped forward to spay, neuter and house them in a sanctuary.

Such a response would have been unthinkable decades earlier, when an army of long-eared interlopers challenged southeastern Alberta’s stalwart settlers for dominion over the drought-stricken plains.

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