4 thoughts on “Forgotten Alberta is on hiatus”

  1. Thanks Dan. Much going on in life, combined with the frustration of fending off hackers and intellectual property theft, have prompted me to step back and re-evaluate what the future is for Forgotten Alberta. I have enjoyed the last eight years, and my research, writing, and photography will continue, albeit at a very slow pace. Whether I continue to the use the website and Twitter for this purpose are some of the questions I need to answer. Hopefully I get some time to revisit the site in Fall – in the meantime I hope you keep up the good work with your travels!

  2. Jonathan, been on the fence when it comes to BIGDoer.com’s future. We have a uber-tight security system, so hacking and such is not that big a problem (I can tell you what we do, if that’ll help) but the drama and BS, it’s off the scale. The negative emails and messages, most of them complaining about trivial things (I missed a period, is a death sentence really necessary?). For every “good job”, there’s eight of ten that are negative. This is all a new occurrence for us and it only started happening this year. Of course, content theft is a problem. Anyway, best in what ever direction you choose. We should chat some time.

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