Alberta History Matters

I only found out this week the Canadian Museum of Civilization, soon to be renamed the Canadian Museum of History, is asking Canadians: What would you put in your national history museum?

What stories would you tell? How would you reach Canadians across the country?

Public consultation has been ongoing for a month, and unfortunately for Albertans, the opportunity to contribute in person has already passed.

However, an interactive website,, is still asking visitors what they think are “the most important historical events, periods, movements and changes that have shaped our country?”

The website is well done, providing plenty of opportunies for public input, and a rare opportunity to tell Canadians that Alberta History Matters.

I invite you to visit the website, add your comments and suggestions, and “like” the events, periods, movements and changes that you would add to your history museum.

Raise our profile in Hull, Quebec, and put in a plug for Alberta history, the Prairie Drybelt Disaster, and the stories of the pioneers who built this province.

Canada’s story includes Alberta – #AlbertaHistoryMatters.

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