Forgotten Alberta

Sights and Stories of the Southeast

From village to coal camp

Following disorganization, life in the settlement formerly known as the village of Bow City revolved around the Prairie Coal Company mine. The remaining community quickly evolved into a coal camp, serving the mine and the rapidly decreasing number of farmers in the Eyremore area.

The “Mayor of Enchant” steps aside

The Calgary Herald reports that Alberta’s longest serving municipal politician has called it quits. Cecil Wiest of Enchant, a councillor for Division 6 in the M.D. of Taber, is stepping aside after 46 years of service. Before he goes, the “Mayor of Enchant” offers some sage advice for those who follow him: Indeed, the axiom […]

“This village is being disorganized”

By September 1916 officials in Edmonton had opted to pull the plug on the village of Bow City. In a letter dated September 8, Deputy Minister Jno. Perrie asked A.D. Fidler to “go into the matter with the ratepayers sometime before the end of the year so that the necessary arrangements can be made for […]

Piercing allegations sunk Bow City’s chief booster

1916 was a bad year for Herbert Chandler Pierce. As the year drew to a close the village that Pierce had once promoted so vigorously now appeared on the verge of extinction. As the residents of Bow City dispersed like tumbling kochia weed, thoughts of the little outpost on the prairie were likely the furthest […]


The exodus from the Village was swift and unrelenting. By 1916 only the Bow City Trading Company, Campbell Bros. Hardware, Brewer’s Livery Stable, the post office and seven houses remained in the village. Even the newly–elected secretary-treasurer of the village, former lumber merchant “Colonel Sam” S.E. Armstrong, plied his trade down the trail in Retlaw. […]


    Drawing on 100+ years of family history in southeastern Alberta, Prairie Post columnist Jonathan Koch highlights the region's almost forgotten pioneer-era people and places.

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