The “Mayor of Enchant” steps aside

The Calgary Herald reports that Alberta’s longest serving municipal politician has called it quits. Cecil Wiest of Enchant, a councillor for Division 6 in the M.D. of Taber, is stepping aside after 46 years of service. Before he goes, the “Mayor of Enchant” offers some sage advice for those who follow him:

Indeed, the axiom that all politics is local couldn’t be more true than in this agricultural hub in the heart of southern Alberta.

Councillors can’t hide from a bad decision in hamlets of a couple hundred people.

“Just remember who put you in,” lectures Wiest, speaking the next day at the kitchen table of his Enchant home.

“It wasn’t yourself, your wife or your family,” Wiest said. “It was really the people that put you in there. You need to remember, you listen to them. They come first. I was put in there by the people, for the people.”

Today’s politicians would do well to remember this.