Bow City – The Halcyon Days

Herbert C. Pierce - Farmer, Saskatchewan M.P.P., promoter of Bow City.

With the arrival of Herbert Chandler Pierce, the townsite at Bow City really began to take off. H.C. Pierce-a farmer, real estate agent, Liberal M.P.P. (Member of Provincial Parliament) for Wadena, SK., and secretary-treasurer of the H.C. Pierce Land Co. Pierce-breezed into Bow City in early 1913 after acquiring the west half of 10-17-17 W4 from brothers Frank and Ray Herrick.

Pierce moved quickly, shmoozing the locals and announcing an agreement in April with American businessmen to establishment of the Bow City Car & Foundry Co. on his townsite.  Through his real estate arm, the Regina-based Pittsburg Realty Co., Pierce & Co. promised free sites and power to all industries that established themselves on the property. An April 1913 flyer also hinted at the establishment of a “big brick plant” by the Prairie Coal Co., stating that there would be more to follow.

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