Forgotten Alberta

Sights and Stories of the Southeast

Google Earth Map Icons: Railway sidings

Quite literally the network of railroad branch lines which crisscrossed the southeast after 1905 were the arteries that gave life to our corner of the province. Along these arteries were sidings, in essence parallel rail lines located roughly six to ten miles apart, which were designated during the initial survey of the rail route. Later, […]


I intended to write this months ago, but finding the time has been a huge challenge.  This is a backgrounder and introduction for Forgotten Alberta. … The warnings came early. In 1863, Captain John Palliser, who for three years had explored the far reaches of British North America at the behest of the Royal Geographical […]

“Homecoming Scotland” celebrates Irvine

Irvine, Alberta has gained some notoriety from its namesake in Scotland. An exhibition of photographs (not including the above, which is a rendering of one of my own) on display in the Scottish Parliament celebrate the community of Irvine in North Ayrshire’s association with the Alberta hamlet: One panel at the exhibition includes pictures of […]

Something about a “Triangle”…

Federal Geologist Stephen Wolfe and Christopher Hugenholtz of the University of Lethbridge have confirmed what many of us who are from the Sunny Southeast suspected all along: A large swath of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan was an active desert just 200 years ago, with forbidding expanses of shifting sand more commonly associated with Death Valley […]

Google Earth Map icons: Points of Interest

Points of interest for the purposes of this site are anything that serve to remind us of the people, places or events that helped to shape the character of the southeastern corner of our province. We’ve come across a number of them in our travels, and will no doubt come across many more before we’re […]

Google Earth Map icons: Photographs

Since 2003 my wife and I- and for three years with our friend and fellow Pilsner Club alumnus Greg- have logged many miles up and down the southeastern corner of the province. Basking in the sun and the serenity of the southeast, we’ve captured many of the region’s sights and highlights on film, and over […]


    Drawing on 100+ years of family history in southeastern Alberta, Prairie Post columnist Jonathan Koch highlights the region's almost forgotten pioneer-era people and places.

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